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Queen of Scots: The Card Game

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Queen of Scots - is a tale of two queens and the historical fate of Scotland’s Queen Mary. Rounds are started, in clockwise order, by one player dealing 11 cards to everyone and placing a card turned face up next to the face down community stack. In turn order, players either draw a card or cards and then create or develop existing sets only in front of them and end their turn by discarding a card. This continues until a player can completely empty their hand and this signifies the end of the round, scores are counted and the next round commences. Along the way look out for Royal Family and Crown Jewel (Wild) cards as they have different playing mechanisms and can be extremely helpful. The first player to reach a cumulative score of 1000 wins.

Queen of Scots - originates from Nadine Chestnut’s family who have played it for over 100 years. Featuring artwork that has been meticulously painted and captures the likeness of each historical figure, this beautiful family card game has a real charm.