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The year is 2222, and the people of Earth have established floating city-states in the clouds of Venus. To provide aid, Earth periodically sends immigrants and city upgrades in the form of Cloud-drops. However, a catastrophe occurred on Earth, cutting off communication with Venus. No one knows when the last DROP from Earth will come. As one of these cities’ governors, you must compete against other players to establish dominance for your city’s survival. Strategically grow and upgrade your city, deploy your scientist to the International Innovation Station, prepare for inevitable hazardous events, and mine the surface for priceless V-nite minerals. You must make the most of every Cloud-drop from Earth; the next one may be the last!

Cities of Venus

Cities of Venus is a medium-Light weight sci-fi Euro for 1-4 players (expandable to 6), which combines worker placement, tableau building, and resource-gathering mechanics. Each pledge comes with premium standard components such as quad-layer city player boards with slots for upgrade cards, resource trays, an in-box neoprene mat, and more than 420 game components. With a randomized game-end trigger mechanic and starting deck, every game is different, maximizing replayability.

Will you rise to the challenge and lead the independent planet of Venus?