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Tanks, but no thanks!

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Tanks, But No Thanks! is set on a gridded battlefield where each player controls their own tank battalion firing at other battalions while trying to avoid enemy fire. At the beginning of the game each player is given a secret early victory mission card. On their turn, players can choose between aiming and firing at the enemy or move to evade the enemy. There are also enhancements in the form of the special bonus power cards and early victory mission cards. The winner is either the player who has the last battalion standing or the first player to complete their early victory mission, whichever happens first. 

What is your approach? Do you go aggressive and Rambo yourself into enemy territory? Watch out! Another opponent may take out your bases while you are away. Think you don’t have a chance with only 1 tank remaining? If you’re cunning and have luck on your side, you may still turn the tables!

Tanks, But No Thanks! - will bring you hours of fun whether you are a fan of tank battles, or just love out-smarting your opponent. All you need is the right strategy and maybe a little bit of luck.

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