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Dirty Dragsters: 4 tin Pack!

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Dirty Dragsters is a competitive drag racing card game with a simple play mechanic for 2 or more players

Each player’s race kit comes in its own unique mint tin, including a car, acceleration cards, Instruction booklet and track pieces.

Start by building the track using track cards from two or more tins. Each heat, players choose any acceleration cards in their hand that add up to 10. This represents their acceleration for the current race. The remaining cards (which also add to 10) will form their acceleration for the next heat.

Shuffle all players’ chosen cards together for the current drag race and deal them face-up one at a time. The face-up deal determines who moves down the track, by how much, and in which order. The player to cross the finish line first wins that heat.

The first player to win five heats wins the championship.

Each car deck comes in its own tin for travel. Any number of players can join the race with a different car. Collect them all!