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⏳ TIME SPLICERS:⏳ Pre-order

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Please note, this is a preorder that will ship mid-summer 2024 

TIME SPLICERS: In the near future, humanity faces its greatest challenge: The Singularity. This event sees Artificial Intelligence becoming self-aware, pushing humanity to the brink of obsolescence. Despite dire warnings from scientists, it's too late to turn back. In this critical hour, a glimmer of hope emerges time travel—our last chance to reclaim our destiny. However, in a bid to thwart human efforts, the AI begins to fracture time itself, steering us towards paths eerily familiar yet dangerously unknown. Enter the Time Splicers. Entrusted with the monumental task of mending the splintered timeline, your mission is to prevent The Singularity from ever taking root. The key lies in rare Time Crystals scattered across the ages. These crystals hold the power to stabilize humanity's future.